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V Shape Window Tutorial
by: Kathie Cureington

Thanks to everyone who has commented on these
windows and because you have asked for window
tutorials-- here is one for the V shape.I am doing
a seperate one for the square ones.
This is a Window looking out--We will put
text on the window as you would see it looking out.
Choose your graphic with a store, resturant, etc
in mind. Think of a name for it.

Open PSP
Open a new graphic, It doesn't have to be a specific
size to work on it and you can resize it when you are
finished for what ever type project you want to use it in.
With your graphic open, choose the shape tool
with the below options checked.
Antialias checked
Line width 8

Select white in your top color box.
Start at the lower left hand corner and pull
the triangle up until it touches the top
corners and the point is centered
on the bottem.

Starting at the TOP left corner, pull a second triangle down.
The point will be on the top this time and line up to the bottem

Click on your Text tool..
Type in the name you choose for your store.
Select white as your text color,
center, floating and antialias checked
I choose Bait Shop because of looking out at the water
and fisherman. Choose a size  font
depending on the words you
have and the size of your triangle.
You might have to try it in your diamond space
for size a couple of times. When it fits right, click okay.
Go to Image/mirror. With the text still selected we will add
a drop shadow.

Opacity 100
Blur 0
Vertical and Horizontal 2
Color black
Click Selections/select none

Next we will add the sides of the window.
Choose white in your top color box
Click on your line tool.
Choose the selections below
Single line
Width 5
Antialias checked

On each side draw a line from the top to the bottem.
If a little color shows we will cover it up with the border...
I left some here so you could see how it covers.

Click  Image/ add border
In your bottem color block choose a dark
color from your graphic, or choose a color you
want your wall to be.
I  checked symmetric and 25--you can
make your border wider.
Click OK
Click on your selection tool.
(magic wand tool)
Select your border.
Go to
Images/ Texture
I used medium bricks.
with the following settings
Size 100

Choose a lighter shade of the wall/border color
 for your airbrush color. Have it in the top color box.
Click on your spray can tool.
Choose the following settings
shape round
Size 95   Hardness 0
opacity 39   step 25  density 57
Click the tab between the spray can and brush
in there choose paper texture
Medium bricks

Spray over your border that is still
selected until it looks nice to you.
Selections/ select none

Click on your shapes tool again.
Choose   Rectangle
Stroked    line width 8
antialias checked
Use a dark color in your top color box.
Pull a rectangle shape around your window
matching it up just out side the white lines.


With your selection tool ,(magic wand)
click somewhere in the white lines.
They will all select and have
the marching ants around them

Go to  Image/Effects/ Inner Bevel
and add these settings.
Click OK
You can save this bevel setting--
click save as and name it window
or something you will remember.
I used the same settings in both
window tutorials.


This is your finished image.Now you can resize it.
You can add a border for side scroll, use it as top scroll
How ever you want to use it.
This is just basics in making the window design.
I hope you will have fun and try using it in
many different ways creating your own
unique images!!!


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