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Square Windows Tutorial
by: Kathie Cureington

This is another window I have said
I'd write a tutorial for.. You will
make this as if you are looking out
a window. Any graphic that you'd see
outside a window would be great!!

I choose this one because I liked the
way the building  had the same
square panes we are making here.
If you were looking at a lake or
forest scene you might want
to make wood looking windows.


Open your graphic in PSP
The first thing I do is
go to file/save as
and give this a name
That way if after alot of
hard work your
computer freezes up you
won't lose your work.
Remember to click the File/save button
after each step.
Have your grid turned on.
I have my grid set in
File/preferences/rulers and units
 to 72 x72
with my lines in red.

I used my  rectangle selection tool to
crop so I only had  full squares
on my window.
After selecting the area, I went to
Images/ crop to selection

Choose your single line tool
White in your top color box
single line    Stroked    Width 6    Antialias checked


 Start drawing lines over each if the grid lines.
Center the grid mark in your line.
Do the vertical and horizontal lines.
When you start at one side
and draw your mouse along you will see
a transparent line with your grid
showing in the middle of it.
When you get to the end and let up on the mouse
you will have your white line.
If it doesn't look straight with the grid
go to edit/ undo and re draw it.


Choose your selection tool (magic wand) and
Click in the white. All of the lines will be selected.
(with marching ants)

Go to Image/ Effect/ Outer Bevel
Set your Bevel to these numbers.
Width 6
Smoothness 30
Depth 4
Ambience 6
Shiness 45
Intensity 50
Elevation 25
You can give these settings a name
such as windowpanes
by clicking the save as box on the top
so you will have it to use again.
I used the same bevel setting in both window tutorials.

Have white in your top color box
To add the outerpane choose your shapes tool
Rectangle/ Stroked/ Width 8 /Antialias checked
Select the with your magic wand, using the same
outer bevel as the inside lines

Add a border. Images/ Add border.
Be sure the color you choose is in the bottem color box.
This will be your inside wall--remember you are
inside--looking out.


This will be the window frame. Choose a color darker
than your border.
Choose the shape tool/Rectangle/ Stroked/Width 10/ antialias

Select the dark line you just added.
Got to Image/Effects /cutout
Add the settings
Blur 2.2
Vertical and horizontal -4 (minus 4)

I decided to make my wall brick.
(You could come up with really neat ideas here
using wood, wallpaper, textures..Have fun....)
I selected the border
went to Images/Effects/texture/medium bricks
Click OK

Using a lighter shade of your border color and
having it tin your top color box
Choose Air Brush tool
Size  95     Hardness 0
Opacity 39  Step 25    Denisity57

Go to the Tab on the tool options between the
spray can and the brush and set your paper
options at Medium brick
After you use this tool ,you might want
to go back and set it to none on paper--
sometimes I forget and wonder why my
colors won't work right next time--Yup...I forgot
and left the paper on a texture!!

With the border selected spray your lighter color--
you will see the bricks pop
out as you spray.. Add as much lighter color as you think looks good.

You are ready to resize and use your new window
I added a blue border and added my name
between the solid color and blue brick. There
are may ways to use this on your back ground.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and
I also hope you have fun designing your
own windows!!!

Be sure to go to File/ Save as/ and save your work.


V Shape Window Tutorial