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Several people has asked me how I do the embossed
text, some people call it a watermark text. This is a
tutorial on the way I do it...

open a new selection in PSP
I start with 300 Wx200H
with white background.
Click on the Text tool.
I used a font called POOH
Download it from my
Fonts  page
size 48
with both Stroke and Fill Black
Click Selections/select none


Now we will make it a little smaller around the edge to save it.
You don't need very much of the outside edge
because you will be copy and pasting it
on a new image as a new layer to use it.
With selection tool, on rectangle, feather 0
select just up to the edge of your text.
Go to Image/crop to selection

Go to Effects/Texture effects/emboss
It will be a funky gray color.
Save as a jpeg. I have a folder with
several different styles and fonts
I have made saved in. You
will need to open this from the file
each time you want to add it to
a graphic


Open your saved embossed name. Right click on the title bar of it/click COPY
Open the image you want to add the embossing to. Click to make that image active.
Right click on the title bar and click Paste as new layer. You can
move it to where to want it. You can also resize it at this point.
Make sure the layer with the text on is the active layer
Go to Image/re size. Be sure the box resize all layers is not checked.

On your layer palette window..with the text layer the active one
click the small down arrow on the far right. You will get a drop down
box. put a check by  Soft Light
You will then see your text turn transparent.
Go to Layers/Merge All/ Save


You can also use ding bat fonts to emboss with
I made the fish the same way as the name.
Added the letter l ,selected a Li'l Fishie ding bat

This is with the same Word Kathie and
the ding bat on a colored ,textured

The possibilities are endless  ,   adding your
signature, or adding a design to your work.

Have Fun
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