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Tutorial For The
PSP6 User


I used many idea's
in these that I have
learned from doing
PSP tutorials I have found.


1.  Open a new image 260x494
~~back ground color white~~

2.Open a new graphic you want for the
muted back ground and side border. You
can also use tubes.
3. If you use a graphic,make a copy of it(CTRL=D) and
 resize the copy to 50% of
the 260x 494 image.

4.Make this copy into a seamless tiled background by your
favorite method.I use 20/20 or the FM tile tools.
You can use the Simple filters- half wrap and mask also.

5,Flood fill your  260x294 selection
with this muted background.

If you are using tubes add them to your
260x294 selection,
 I like to add a tube image, and add a layer.
add a tube, add a layer etc..
I also let them go past the edges.
 You can use different sizes of the same tube picture.

6.Add a  new layer, to your original 260x494 image,
that you have flood filled or added the tubes to.
 Flood fill it with white and
slide the lever on the layer tools.
 When you lighten it stay with a very
light shade. I stopped at about 80.
It depends on how bright the colors are

6.From this point on you can just use your imagination and have fun.
I added a border of 100-- Image/add border/,symmetric checked.
I flood filled it with my original graphic and added eye candywater drops.
Add borders, blade pro, pool filter.
Drop shadows, cut out, inner bevel..
This is a chance to use the things you
have done in many of the tutorials. Just be creative.
I do each of mine different.
You can add the tubes here, to match your inside tubes.

 7. Add new layer,select text tool.
Add your words. Have Floating, antialias checked
and set it on center. You can usually use size 48 , sometimes you
need to adjust back to 36 or smaller. It depends on your font,
and the amount of writing..
I usually have to delete mine several times to get it the size I like.
This is the time to use those neat fonts your friends never see because
they don't have it in their windows font system folder..
Be sure to check out my fontspage

Before you unselect the text you can drop a shadow,
do a cut out, use blade pro..

The sky is the limit on this tutorial..
use your tools and filters and see what you can come up with..

 8.Layer/merge all

9.I save this just as it is, as a jpeg.
You could save a 100x100
image done in the same pattern to use as your background,
as I have done here.
Usually I just put mine on a solid color so they will stand out.

I love this big image,,but if you can't deal with it this large,
you can always resize it and go to effects/sharpen/sharpen, then save..
Have fun and remember to enjoy this one..
it is for fun and to use the different things
you have learnt.........

Below are some samples of what I have made.





I hope you will  have alot of fun with this!!